No copyright violations.

Nothing else that would cause us legal trouble.

No harming anyone without justification. That covers a lot. Think about it.

No porn. I have no problem with porn. There is already plenty. This site is for when we’re in the mood for something else.

Let’s keep it pretty rugby-related. We have some slack but long political discussions or other pissing contests will be shut down. Take that shit outside, fellas. I also run a general social networking site, It’s invite only, but if you ask and aren’t an asshole, I’ll invite you. Piss all you want at Just don’t expect anyone there to care. Someone  might, but you’ll have to be smart or entertaining. Lots of folks there are.

I, SB, own the site. I can kick out anyone I want anytime for any reason or none at all.

I, SB, am under no obligation to maintain this site forever. Back up your shit. And if for any reason this thing becomes more annoying than fun to me, it will be gone. Life is short.